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    2019年5月7日 | 星期二| 中文 | BBMG >>




    Beijing Building Materials Academy of ScientificResearch (BBMA) was established in 1959. Asone of the integrated high-tech enterprises affiliated to Beijing Building Materials Group (BBMG), BBMA has more than 400 employees, conducting market-driven research, development, inspection and testing services of building materials. BBMA has the registered capital of 191.7 million (CNY), and the total assets of 500 million (CNY).

    BBMA is running such high-tech platforms as National Enterprise Technology Center, National Housing Industrialization Base, State Key Laboratory of Solid Waste Resource Utilization and Energy-savingBuilding Materials,Postdoctoral ScientificResearch Stations, Academician and Expert Workstationand so on.

    BBMG Central Academy was founded in 2012, integrated and optimizedits scientific research institutionsin 2018. It has set up four academic research institutes, including Cement Green Development Research Institute, Green Building Technology Research Institute, Concrete and InnovativeMaterials Research Institute, Information Technology and ArtificialIntelligence Research Institute, establishing a "1+N" science and technology innovation system with local professional research and development centers.

    After years of development, BBMA has become a comprehensive research and development institution in construction materials and quality inspection service fields.

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